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A Wreath of Grapes March 14, 2012

Posted by nrlymrtl in The Grapes of Wrath.
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I get it now, at the end. The title I mean. It is a very fitting title.

Rose of Sharon – did a horticulturalist name the flowering bush after this character or was this character named after the flower? And why does this character have to be so… young throughout the bulk of the book? She seems truly naive even though she is a married woman expecting their first child.

I loved how Steinbeck used religion to illustrate points in this book, such as being generous of thought. That means keeping your judgements to yourself and working on your own spirituality instead of forcing it upon others. When Uncle John is going on about his sins and how much they weigh upon him, the family reminds him to carry them and not burden others with them. He can tell them to God, or dunk his head in the river and speak them there. I love the image this brings to my mind.

The ending was a surprise. I watched the black and white movie a few years ago; so when I came to the end of the movie and still had 2 discs to go to finish the book, I knew I was in for an interesting ending. SPOILER ALERT I was so glad that Rose of Sharon blossomed at the end and she willingly gave her breast milk to save a starving man END SPOILER.

All in all, this was an enlightening read, one that will have me thinking for some time to come.



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2. Grant - March 19, 2012

Your question about Rose of Sharon is neither. The plant was already named. I believe that in the Bible Jesus is referred to as The Rose of Sharon. They named her after the term in the bible. (I thought that was pointed out in the book, but perhaps it was something I learned at a later date…)

nrlymrtl - March 19, 2012

Thanks for the info. I am not up on my Bible stories, so I might not have caught and understood a reference to it in Grapes of Wrath, if it was there.

Grant - March 19, 2012

Yeah, I think all the kids had biblical names of some sort, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s been awhile. Rose of Sharon just sticks out in my head because I used to work with a girl named Rose, and I used to call her Rosasharn from the book. What a crap nickname. What was I thinking?

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