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Big Beautiful Books

The Ye Olde Booke Club was a phenomenal success for me on a lot of different levels. It pleases me to no end to know that the YOBC encouraged and inspired Darkcargo readers to take the plunge and read at least one of these older classics.

Many of the DC folks come from a science and maths background. Literature and Humanities classes were treated as “fluff and stuff”  by our techie colleges, and thus we missed out on a lot of  mythology, art history, Latin, etc.

This upcoming year is going to include some great big fat ones. There are some that I’m intimidated to read because they’re, you know, big. They say to embrace your shortcomings and make them work for you. So, I want to make this fun, because I know that a lot of you are looking at these same books and thinking “Oooh, that’s big. Mebby later, eh?” Not any longer; let’s get these done. I am a rather booty-ful person (you’re supposed to snort at that), and I think of these larger books in the same way. I am what I am. I am not a small woman. I am robust, able to lift heavy things and run far.  These books are large, they will take up a lot of space and take time to read. Their butts will be sitting on my reading chair for several weeks.  So, welcome to the Ye Olde Book Club Big Booty-ful Books series.

2012 Challenge

Don Quixote, Cervantes. Don Quixote Versions. The Beautiful Miaulina. Hurly-Burly.

Moby Dick, Melville. Getting Started.

Gone With the Wind, Mitchell.

War and Peace, Tolstoy.

The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck.

One Hundred Years of Solitude, Marquez.

Big Old Beautiful Books Challenge 2012



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