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The End of Part I Don Quixote April 23, 2012

Posted by nrlymrtl in Don Quixote.
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Tofu is a dreamer too.

I know you were dying to find out how Part I ended. Well, I am not going to spoil it for you. But I do have some bits to chat about.

Remember that chick Dorotea from the previous post? Well, she travels with crew back to civilization and they stay at an inn (castle according to our fearless Quixote). There, Redondo and his ‘wife’ Lucinda stay the night on their way to a nunnery. Of course exclamations of love and surprise get tossed around between Lucinda and Cardeno. Then Dorotea has her moment to proclaim her love to Redondo.

Huh? Love? Maybe shame and misery. But I am viewing this with 21st century eyes where a woman has legal rights and can choose her husband. Back in 1600s Spain, a noble woman who had lost her virtue (which seems irrevocably tied to a small piece of skin that no one ever sees) had few choices. You had more choices as a shepherdess in such a case.

A series of well-meaning people have played their roles in tricking Don Quixote back to civilization and his family’s home. There is quite a discussion at the end about libraries and the dangers of certain books. It was interesting to hear book-burning discussed as a rational, well-intentioned act. Part of me had trouble wrapping my head around that, but then I recalled the book-burnings of J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter books. Even today, certain folks still find this destructive (and in the modern electronic age, futile) act a legitimate way to show displeasure or fear of a book.

So, will I continue on with Part II? It was written 20 years later. I wonder what else Quixote can attack and subsequently have his ass handed to him by? I also wonder about his lady love and if there is any future for them. Will Sancho Panza ever get that island he so desires?